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6 essentials for your honeymoon bag

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6 essentials for your honeymoon bag

[Soon-to-be] newlywed gals, there are a few items that will make sex more fun and less stressful that you’ll wish you had been given at your bridal shower and/or bachelorette party. Instead of letting you discover these by trial and error, here is a quick list. Point your friends this way for a practical care package or head out and buy them for yourself before you head on your honeymoon (or settle into life’s intimate rhythms).


When you’re new to sex, you’ll want some form of lubrication until you and your husband have found different forms of foreplay that turn you on to the point of self-lubing. Some women always require lube regardless of how turned on they are simply because of body chemistry so don’t feel bad if you don’t “graduate” from using it. If you’re not using condoms, you can use a variety of lubricants including oils you might already have on hand (fractionated coconut oil is a great choice). If you are using condoms, you’ll need to use a water-based lubricant as you have a higher risk of the condom breaking with oil-based lubes.

Fun yet practical underthings

Too many pieces of lingerie are really only for his viewing pleasure. You should own a few key pieces of lingerie that you feel pretty in but can leave on long enough to enjoy a foot and back rub. When it comes time to be completely naked, you don’t want to spend 10 minutes unlacing something or have to wiggle out of something uncomfortable (discomfort does not equal beauty).

A simple robe

Whether you’ve always been a bathrobe girl or never worn one, a robe is super practical. Whether you need to scamper from the bathroom to the bedroom after a steamy shower with your new hubby and you don’t want to freeze (or let the neighbors see you through the drapes you forgot to close) or you want to tempt his imagination just a few moments longer, a robe is a key piece of your newlywed wardrobe.

Baby wipes

Sister, sex is messy. If you don’t use a condom, there will be semen to be cleaned up. Whether he ejaculates inside of you or elsewhere (if you’re using withdrawal as a natural family planning method), you’ll need to wipe it off. Instead of defaulting to the last shirt to get tossed in the laundry basket or rushing down the hall to grab a fresh towel, keep a packet of baby wipes nearby. Semen is sticky which makes baby wipes an excellent option for quick clean up.

Panty liners

While God made semen sticky for a reason (He also made gravity so He had to ensure the human race continued on somehow), it doesn’t always flow out all at once after intercourse. Panty liners are great at catching those last amounts of semen after you’ve cleaned up.


If you aren’t already tracking your cycle, you need to start now. Not only will you be better informed as to how your body works, tracking your basal body temperature with an oral thermometer helps you identify your fertile time of the month to help prevent or encourage pregnancy. You’ll also be able to anticipate your period which is helpful as well.

Shopping list

Lubricant: water-based (condom compatible) or oil-based

Robe: jersey knit or kimono silk

Baby wipes

Panty liners: for regular underwear or for thong underwear


What items do you keep on hand to make the logistics of sex less stressful?